What's the weirdest thing a guest you've seen has done/said? The cutest?

This is slightly harder to answer since I never directly interacted with guests… they never actually got to meet “Christine” (which is weird to think about) - they only met my character friends. But the first thing that comes to my mind is once a guest asked to take a picture of Donald’s butt (??) and my attendant that day was like “um, no…” Another time, a guy grabbed Minnie’s butt at Character Spot in Epcot lol, that was definitely a weird moment. I’m sure there are plenty of weird stories I could tell, I just can’t think of any right now! I’m having a brain fart.

The CUTEST thing… lots of cute things happened. A lot of precious moments happen with characters. My favorite memory though was the first time I had a meet and greet with guests during training. I got to hang out with Mickey for my first guest interaction, and a little girl spotted him as soon as he walked out from the back and literally bolted to him. She had her face painted and was just so excited to see him and hugged him forever. I cried like a baby during the entire interaction with Mickey. I’m crying just typing the story lol. My trainers had told me that “you never forget your first guest” and they were 100% right <3