“Now it’s no wonder that her name means “beauty”
Her looks have got no parallel..
But behind that fair facade I’m afraid she’s rather odd  

With every job, when it’s complete,
There is a sense of bittersweet –
That moment when you know the task is done.
Though, in your heart, you’d like to stay
To help things on their way,
You’ve always known –
They must do it alone.

How do you find out about specific jobs in the park? I have the phone interview tomorrow and I have no top three options for my preferred job. I'm extremely nervous and I really want this. Any help?

I’m confused by your question because you have already seen all the roles the DCP offers when you applied for the program. They show you each role, with a description, and ask what your interest is in that role (you pick high interest, moderate interest, etc.). They’re also all listed on the DCP website: http://cp.disneycareers.com/en/program-components/earning/role-descriptions/

You have to have a top 3 for your phone interview, so start thinking and preparing for it ASAP. It’s not something you can just bullshit your way through, you know? I have an entire, detailed post about tips and advice for the phone interview: http://pardonourpixiedust.tumblr.com/post/31754912407/dcp-phone-interview-tips-and-advice

My friend Sara (thedisneyden) also has a bunch of CP interviews on her blog if you need more insight into each role: http://disneyden.blogspot.com/p/cp-interviews.html

"we’ve got to catch that guy. but first,
you’re gonna need some upgrades.”