Storyboards by Kevin Gollaher

The Princess and the Frog

From ‘The Art of The Princess and the Frog’; published 2009
thank you so much!:) I'm not super shy, but I'm not the most outgoing person either, and I think the biggest thing I worry about is being away from home for 4 whole months, that's a long time!

It seems like a long time, but the months fly by! I didn’t think I was going to make it all 4 months, but I ended up extending until August!

no, I'm fine with people, especially guests!:) it's just I don't know if I'm the best at making friends, and I'm scared everyone will all have their groups before can even make one!

No, don’t think like that! When I went down, I already “knew” a few people from Facebook (my roommates - we all found each other on Facebook), and Tumblr, but other than that I was completely alone. My roommates and I had all been talking for months, discussing what we were bringing to the apartment, making countdowns and whatever, and then by the time we met each other it wasn’t awkward at all.

Work is a different story. You’ll be working with generally the same people and start to form friendships from there. You’ll also start hanging out with people and they’ll start bringing their friends and it just becomes a giant group. I remember one time, my roommate Sierra and I went to Studios for Star Wars Weekends, just the two of us, and, by the end of the day, we were a gigantic group just because Sierra knew someone who knew someone, and I knew someone else who knew someone else, and we all just ended up hanging out together lol. That’s what usually happens at Disney. No one really forms groups and is like “ugh ew, they’re not part of the group so they can’t hang out.” Everyone’s pretty open to new friends!

This is a picture from the Star Wars Weekends day:


And that’s not even everyone. We literally just kept finding more people to hang out with! 

I'm not the best at being around tons of roommates outside of work, and I'm not super comfortable with making friends (not as easily as other people), but I really want to do the problem. I'm just worried I'll deal with a lot of anxiety if I try to put too much pressure on myself

If you work at Disney, you’re going to be surrounded by people, whether they’re your coworkers or Guests, at all times, no matter what. Disney’s also all about teamwork so you’ll have to communicate with your coworkers while you’re working, and, of course, talk to the Guests. But that gives you lots of opportunities to meet a ton of different people every day!

If you’re worried about living with a lot of people, you could always try requesting a single bedroom apartment - that means you would only have one roommate (you two would share a room, though). Otherwise, your only other option would be to find an apartment somewhere in Orlando and stay “off campus” (this has to be approved by the program).

I really think that doing the program would give you a good opportunity to make friends! Everyone is practically forced to make friends because no one else knows each other either - everyone’s in the same boat, and everyone is looking to meet people!

And if you really hate the program, you can always leave!

First of all, I'm totally in love with your blog! And sorry if this question isn't Disney-related, but I also noticed you said you had cancer. While I don't have cancer, I was recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that can only be put into remission with chemo. I've been noticing for a while how my long "Little Mermaid" hair has been falling out and tomorrow I finally have to cut it short :`( I was wondering if you have any tips for how to care for thinning hair while on chemo?

I’d answer this privately but you’re anonymous soooo I can’t lol

I know exactly how you feel because when I started chemo, my hair was almost down to my waist. I always had really long, dark hair (my Pocahontas hair), so when it started falling out, I was a mess. I ended up having to cut it short and then just let it fall out on its own. A lot of people asked me why I didn’t shave it, and the simple was answer was just because I didn’t want to. I couldn’t do it lol. 

I don’t really have any tips on how to care for it because nothing is gonna stop it from falling out, unfortunately. I just remember washing it very gently with baby shampoo and then letting it air dry. And wearing a lot of hats or scarves around my head.

I’m sorry you’re going through this, but just know that I know exactly how you feel and you can message me any time you need to! My ask on my personal blog is always open too: <3